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Uncategorized Jun 11, 2022

Made a decision to try self-employment? Business taking too much of your time?

Not sure where to get help?

Take a look at our Onboarding call with Lisa. Lisa joined our program and is now having her call with her mentor coach. After having watched the video, take a look at the items below for a better understanding. 


Lisa wants to make sure her business has what it takes to succeed.

She understands she needs a plan to bring her idea to fruition. 


Our program consists of a 12-month accounting marketing and tax program. 3 critical aspects of a successful business.

Every month Lisa will get actionable items to complete based on the previous month's undertakings.


The focus as mentioned will be on Cashflow, Marketing, and Tax.

We have partnered with top marketing instructors to provide you with unlimited access to a complete marketing system for your business.


Here are a few items discussed in the course: 


And much more. 


All these courses have been developed by a top 1% instructor in the virtual learning space. 


Some strategies include: 



As we work through the Onboarding call, the coach will highlight which specific items might be of use to your business. Focus on these, but feel free to browse all the other items and get a step ahead. 


In addition to these courses, each student is provided with a personalized folder in Google Drive which looks like this. 


During the Onboarding call, the coach will partially fill some information such as Best practices, Optimal Tax scenarios, Marketing plan, etc. and provide actionable items for you to complete. 


Planning: We will review your Big Picture and brainstorm ideas. You will be asked to create  an initial startup budget. The questionnaire contains many questions, the intention of which is to enhance the understanding of your business and what will make it succeed. Access to the following top rated E-learning course is also included: 

And much more…


Marketing: You will be tasked to research your target market, find your niche and perfect your offering. Through the Online courses, we will assess what strategy to pursue and put it to the test.

Tax: The coach will review your prior Tax filings and current situation and set up a course of action. If any items need to be worked on, you will be made aware. Whether it is Income Tax or Sales Tax. Some items might include request for tax adjustments in order to claim missed credits, tax planning, and best-case scenarios.

As all client information tends to be very confidential we will continue to make the theoretical guides to show you how we work and offer you insight on your business.    


Sound like your business could benefit from this?

Get in touch today. 


We offer our Accounting, Tax, Marketing and coaching services across Canada Virtually. We are located in the Forest City of London Ontario and are glad to offer in-person services to Small Businesses in the Middlesex region of Ontario.


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